How to get a job

Want to know how to get a job?

First of all it is important to understand that in order to find a job it is necessary to have a lot of discipline and dedication to achieve this goal.

Finding a job goes beyond just creating a simple resume, although this is undoubtedly one of the key steps to take.

However, if you really want to know how to get a job, check out what needs to be done below and learn some important tips:

1-Make your resume

A well-organized and organized resume is extremely crucial because it is he who will get you called or not to the next step of how to get a job: the job interview.

In the curriculum you will need to provide your personal information, such as your full name, marital status, region, age, address and telephone number.

The next step will be to inform the goal, your qualifications (good points of your career), your training, and lastly your professional experience.

When it comes to making your resume, it is important not to overdo the amount of information, and to put only what is really important.

Just think about who will evaluate your resume. A recruiter owns them to analyze, and probably he will not want to spend too much time reading multiple sheets.

2-Never tell lies

If you think of lying to try to impress, you can end up getting very bad.

And this holds true both for the curriculum and at the time of the interview. It is important to value your true achievements and activities already accomplished.

3-Know your weaknesses and positives

Have you stopped for a while to think about your weaknesses and your strengths?

This is important because it is possible that this is one of the questions at the time of the interview.

4-Take a moment to look for

Do you really want to get a job? Then set a time of day to quit the search.

The internet can also be a great ally in these hours, since in the same there are several companies announcing the most varied types of vacancies.

Just do a Google search for places within your area, which you will undoubtedly find and send your resume.


When you are finally called for the job interview it is important to be prepared.

Being late, picking up the phone in the middle of the interview, or wearing inappropriate clothing is out of the question.

If you do not do well in the interview, someone else will take the place that could have been yours.

The tip is to be careful about what you are going to say, and avoid using slang as much as possible, always giving priority to a good Portuguese.

6-Search the company

Before going to the interview, it is of great importance to seek to know as much information about the company that you want to work with.

Search the internet for it, and see if it’s a national company, who your competitors are, what your role is, and even read about their history.

7- Invest in you

Take courses, attend lectures, always look for new knowledge that can be applied in the day-to-day business, and thus improve the quality of your work. Important to note is that this is a great way to improve your skills, it is also a way to expand your network of contacts.

8-Do volunteer work

You probably already know that paradox, that to work you need to have experience, but to have experience you need to work, right? Especially if you are looking for your first job, doing volunteer work is a great way to gain experience. In addition, this way more people will also be getting to know your work and starting to recognize you as a professional in that area.

9- Build your network of contacts

The famous networking works fine. If someone who works at the company tells you, the chances of you being able to fill that vacancy will undoubtedly be much greater. But for this to happen you need to always cultivate your network of contacts and get several people to know that you want to pursue this career.


Now that you know how to get a job, it is important that you put your tips into practice. Although the crisis in the country is evident, it is still possible to get a good job. Remember not to give up until you can.

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